Use Itz – a City Outskirt for Coburg

Office door closed…Eyes open! What happens to things directly around us is also part of our design radius. That’s how we discovered the Itz in Coburg, a quietly flowing river, that doesn’t offer many positions for possible usage. An idea was raised: USE ITZ! – a beach has to come! And many more attractions! Metropolitan flair! Attractiveness! And more quality of life for the “values and changes” city. Because once the water is close, all cares are far gone. We quickly had a goal and first plans were made. We presented the first idea confident and signed off by all offices in 2011 at the Coburger Designtage. We do not spare the well-meant provocation, we want to stimulate and excite. USE ITZ inspires Coburg’s people, brings up doubt in the city hall, and the evokes tree protectors on the barricade. We are using this hype for a big exhibition in a vacancy directly at the Itz. Here we show history and visions of the river and turn into contact point for interested people and supporters of the idea. In workshops with children we bring even the smallest on board. The exhibition is also our creative platform – big water bottles turn into lamps, and from our self-designed beach chair one has a perfect view … for even more urban development concepts.

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