Hockenheimer M – grey


For collecting and stacking of magazines

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Collect, stack and take a seat!
The Hockenheimer is a clever storage system for magazines and newspapers,
a sustainable and individual piece of furniture – with a subscription advantage ,)

It is produced in Franconia and available in two sizes.

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Lace up your individual education bundle
– and take a seat!

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Please, take a seat!

Daily, monthly, and even quarterly magazines flutter into houses and no longer wish to be stored in dusty bookshelves or thrown into green garbage bins. Instead, why not sit on them? The Hockenheimer bundles magazines and newspapers. It`s an archive and even a statement.

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That matters.

The Hockenheimer is comprised of a wooden base made of birchwood, extra-long split leather straps with two riveted metallic clasps, and a pillow covered with high-quality upholstery fabric.

Lovingly crafted down to the last detail!

There is a lot of manual work in producing the Hockenheimer – the Original comes with a Nju-coin worked into the wood and a label on the cushion. The cushion is  sewn in Rödental near Coburg. The perfectly crafted wooden base made of birch wood is made in a Coburg carpenter’s workshop. The extra-long leather straps are assembled by Tamara with two buckles – the Hockenheimer is done!

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2.5 kg

Size of base

250 × 70 × 305 mm


1x coated birchwood base, 2x leather straps with closure, 1x nju cushion

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