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New needs – Nju products!

Since 2008, Njustudio is focusing on the topic of the digital expansion in our daily life. Based on our Diploma Thesis (“Rettet die Realität – Integrationshilfen für die digitale Evolution”, german for:” Save the Reality – Integration help for the digital evolution”, which was honored with the Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2009), we are developing products out of our observation, that serve with clear solutions for the interface analog-digital, we point out phenomena or bring back memories. New needs- Nju products! is the credo, but what are new needs? – We occupy ourselves with the following (and many more) questions at Njustudio…

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“Der Mensch ist sozusagen eine Art Prothesengott geworden, […]” (Sigmund Freud, Das Unbehagen in der Kultur)

“In our digitalized world, people experience a kind of electronic expansion.”

(Parfen Laszig, Psychologe)

Work and leisure

And when we sit at the kitchen table with our laptop, we don’t really realize, that our mobile devices are constantly changing our analog environment in the actual function.

So how are things required to grow?
What is missing?
What needs do we have today?

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Work and leisure intermingle.
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The Maslow`s hierarchy of needs, extended. (source: Internet, 2017)

Our mobility stops with our battery time.

We no longer want to bend down to low adjusted sockets.

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Oh, Jesus. (Njustudio, 2017)

How emotional can the digital be?

What is digital worth?
What is worth a lot to us – what do we want to keep?

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In the google search for photos the Apple symbol dominates before a real apple.

Digital is often even more familiar to us than real.

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Adam, Eva and Apple (Njustudio, 2017)
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