Njustudio Artefact –what Illustrators and Designers interpret our products as.

“If you would have to show our products graphical, pictorial in your own way, how would that look? Which story would you tell? What do you associate with the Stromer, the Hockenheimer or the New Folder?” We asked these questions to artists, designers, and some of our interns. These are the results. We print some of the selected pictures black on white. We’d be glad to send you a selection.

Stromerboy, 2015 
Stromer everywhere, 2015 

Manuela Rammelmeier

The illustrator, designer and genius Manuela Rammelmeier lives in wonderful Switzerland. She created the Stromerboy and Stromer everywhere for Njustudio – We enjoyed her interpretation so much, that we had to capture it on paper in DIN A5 format. They are now available at cost price for 3 Euros/Set.

Here you can have a look at Manuela Rammelmeier`s website.

Der Hocker, 2015

Surat Rumpf

Creative artist, painter and wordsmith – Surat Rumpf is one of the most diverse and wonderful people we know. The self-taught man drew “Der Hocker” for Njustudio. Thank you. And greetings to Switzerland. The print is available as an DIN A5 card format for 3 Euros.


A new folder, please. 2016

Lennart Blatt

We got to know Lennart Blatt 2015 during a lectureship at the Gymnasium Ernestinum in Coburg. The high school graduate wanted to study painting, design or something related to art – in order to gain more clarity, he attended an internship at Njustudio. Meanwhile, he is studying product design at Schwäbisch Gmünd University 😉 First attempts at Photoshop put forth the overflowing New Folder.


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