Hold – Instant pictureholder, set of 3


Geometric picture holder made of untreated brass.
Set of 3 (triangle, semicircle, rectangle) in a gift box.

Fold. Hold. Remind.
Hold is a set of three foldable geometric
brass picture holders.

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HOLD holds,
what you wish to hold.

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HOLD can be provided with your
individual name or logo!

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Gold, glittering, geometric

The geometric shapes triangle, semicircle and rectangle keep, what you want to keep: postcards, letters, photos – but also business cards, invitations or seat reservations….

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Puristic in shape und material.

HOLD is made of untreated brass and will show an elegant patina over time. Each piece becomes unique. The set of 3 comes in a decorative box. Ready to give as a gift – or just keep for yourself.

Flat ship

Sent flat and ready to be bent to your liking. Once bent, the fine brass piece of jewelery turns into a golden picture holder.

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Njustudio – or your own logo?

HOLD is finely etched and can be provided with an individual logo/lettering. A picture holder, e.g. on a pretty postcard, becomes a high-quality customer gift that can be sent flat. Send inquiries to products@njustudio.com

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50mm x 50mm, Material thickness 1mm


0.05 kg


Brass brushed, untreated, gets a fine patina with time


Hold set of 3, 1 triangle, 1 square, 1 semicircle in a Njustudio box

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