Lectures and Workshops

Since many years Njustudio is passionately engaged with teaching. Our experiences as freelancers, that work both for third parties and our own product development, is our most important teaching recourse. We convey out knowledge through conceptual project work, as well as with creative-basics courses and projects in cooperation with real employers. Our supervised works are characterized by one’s own conceptual approach and the present overall confrontation with the interface between analog and digital.


Pervasive Computing – Urban Sound

Winter term 2016/2017, HS Coburg

Pervasive > spreading through every part of something and computing > the use of computers, EDV indicates the daily life’s penetrative networking through the use of intelligent objects. In this interdisciplinary project work, the product design students work in collaboration with their fellow information technology students. What is sound, what tone, what rhythm or beat in urban spaces? When will tone turn into noise? How can I create tone -what can I use it for? Can tone be visualized? What does voice control mean? Developed were two installations that visualize social phenomena, which truly speak for themselves.

Interdisciplinary project works with students from the fields product design and information technology for business applications. Mentors: Kathrin Lang and Nina Wolf in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Thomas Wieland, Electrical Engineering/ IT Faculty, HS Coburg. Participating students: Alexander Roser, Verena Brandl, Max Stotz, Dorothea Grimm, Ulrike Schmid, Christina Mayr (IP) as well as Roman Balzer, Markus Hülß, Tanja Maria Mögn, and Sebastian Schweiger (IT)

Dataism – “Hugo Ball” is controlled by sounds. (Concept & Video: Roser/ Grimm/ Mayr/ Balzer/ Mögn)
Voice control without words (Concept: Roser/ Grimm/ Mayr/ Balzer/ Mögn)

Project FOOD

Winter term 2014/2015, HS Coburg

What a wonderful, versatile and sensual topic: FOOD! – Eating culture and tradition, Fast food and waiver, sensual memories and daily life routines. We focused on free, process-oriented, and open-minded work, which trains the eye for present phenomena and leaves freedom for self-experiments and meander – The aim was to critically and honestly observe one’s own environment – Recognizing special features in familiar structures, raise issues, and finally react on it in form of a product. The confrontation may polarize, criticize and point out. During this process it is required to reject ideas, make decisions, take aberrations, to sort, and finally to formulate a conclusive line of arguments for the result. Especially at the beginning of one’s study this may need a lot of courage self-reflection. Seven different works were developed, as varied as the design process’ which lead to the results. That tastes great!

Mentors: Kathrin Lang und Nina Wolf. Participating students: Michael Lechner, Alexander Roser, Felix Oswald, Bastian Reichhardt, Cynthia Kaufhold, Jasmin Reisbeck, Christian Kropfeld, Dorothea Grimm, Inga Leketas, Maike Gebker, Helen Anders, Jonas Herrmann, Ulrike Schmid und Johannes Lorz (IP3)

Balanced nutrition – The shaky table makes us dependent on our counterpart and encourages mutual awareness. (from the project work Nachgeschmack, Concept & Video Lechner / Roser)
Miser – this bottle only serves you drops of water, annoying, where there is water in abundance! (Concept: Lechner/ Roser)

Design Basics 3

Winter term 2016/2017

During Design Basics Class, the students engage with three-dimensional forms, different points of view on them, convex and concave surfaces, and logical curve progressions. Prothesis-like shapes that adapt to a point on the human body emerge from a blue foam block. To experience designing out of the surface, in a second exercise paper-bowls that can be sent in a flat-pack and can easily be set up with one folding are made. The third part of the course was an interpretation of a photography work. In a series of six pictures, the three terms to the themes color (loud, delicious, grey) and structure (line, organic, precise) are depicted, without showing a recognizable product.

Mentors: Kathrin Lang und Nina Wolf. Participating students: Students from the field integrated product design, 3rd Semester


Designclass at the Gymnasium Ernestinum

School year 2014/2015, Gymnasium Ernestinum, Coburg

What’s the difference between Art and Design? We started off the very first lesson at the Gymnasium Ernestinum with this quiz question. Two seventh grade classes and two ninth grade classes were able to discover more about Design in half a year. The students established their own imaginary design studio with their own logo and designed a clock with additional function. The processes were shaped like in a real design studio – after a briefing followed first sketches, a presentation in teams, the decision on a concept, and finally the development and realization and a small exhibition at the school festival.

Mentor: Kathrin Lang. Participants: High School Students grades 7 and 9.


Typography Basics

Summer term 2012, HS Coburg

A logo as a visual code always demonstrates the substantial of something complex. The second semester product design students in the summer term 2012 undertook the exciting task of creating a logo, which represents one’s own person in a few lines, forms, and colors. After the logo development own business cards, stationary, and a small portfolio were designed.

Mentors: Kathrin Lang, Wolfgang Rößler und Nina Wolf. Participating students: Students from the field integrated product design, 2nd Semester


Project GRUNDIG Individual Living

Summer term 2012, HS Coburg

Individual living – the interaction between humans and products was the topic during the project work in cooperation with the company Grundig. Product approaches for a life with no manual, self-improving products, and the application of intelligent materials to the areas Vision & Listening and Well-fare & Enjoying were developed. The project was introduced with a workshop at the Comer Lake, Italy. The results were presented at the Grundig exhibition stand at the IFA in Berlin 2012.

Mentors: Wolfgang Rößler und Markus Mak together with GRUNDIG AG. Participating students: Victor Pascu, Anja Möhwald, Julia Brinkmann, Carolin Lerch, Lisa von Pflugk, Nicole Fiedler, Jasmin Kapfelsberger, Laura Foltin, Sabine Harrer (IP6/ IP4)


Project VISION8

Summer term 2012, HS Coburg

Under the title “Vision 8” the 6th semester product design students developed visionary approaches for new bathing worlds on 8 m² area in cooperation with Villeroy & Boch. Together, at a workshop at the Comer Lake, Italy, usage scenarios and first topics for the following conceptual work were established. The holistic view and approach with actual story lines in the bathroom, and the individual demands of the modern human, lead to 5 different bathroom concepts, that were all oriented to the conditions of limited space. For the presentation of the results a big vernissage at the ceramics museum in Mettlach was organised – the results were displayed here from Oct. 5 2012 until March 1 2013.

Mentors: Nina Wolf, Kathrin Lang and Prof. Gerhard Kampe. Together with Villeroy & Boch, Mettlach. Participating students: Kathrin Siemann & Anna Hufnagel, Ingo Schuppler & Luis da Silva, Lisa Dorsch & Kathrin Höfer, Benjamin Hitscherich & Nina Nieratschker, Barbara Märzendorfer & Eileen Hehn (IP6)


Regional money Grabfelder

Summer term 2011, HS Coburg

Money rules the world. By means of an own currency in the region Grabfeldgau, the Grabfelder e.V. tries to discourage customers from sending their money into the wide world, but instead purchasing at little regional businesses. This is strengthening the regional economy and is supporting the customer’s conscious purchase behavior. Six students of the HS Coburg devoted themselves to this topic in a conceptual and creative view, and developed many ideas for the design of the bank notes, distinctive security features, currency icons, and materiality. Jule Ritter and Phoebe Sowa’s concept is today being used as regional money “Grabfelder” in the region Grabfeldgau.

Mentors: Kathrin Lang, Wolfgang Rößler and Nina Wolf. Together with the Grabfelder e.V., Bad Königshofen. Participating students: Jule Ritter, Elena Breul, Miriam Püttner, Phoebe Sowa, Anna Leyerer (IP6), Waldemar Alles (IP2)


POS for shoe care products

Summer term 2011, HS Coburg

We love dirt! One of the student teams proclaims – they play with provocation and irritation, and elicit the overstrained shoe buyer a smile. Others demonstrate the evolution of pollution or they visualize the direct comparison between maintained materials and neglected material for the customer. Others asked themselves the question, whether the shipping packaging could be the POS – or how one could gain tidiness and clarity in a flexible set-up system. We are excited about the ideas – they will sweep us off our feet.

Mentors: Nina Wolf und Kathrin Lang together with Melvo GmbH, Ludwigsburg. Participating students: Students from the field integrated product design, 5th Semester

“We love dirt” – the concept Dirty Love pays homage to dirt (Concept: Rasehorn/ Bitter/ Kim)
Shoe care products like wetness, mud and snow (Concept: Rasehorn / Bitter / Kim)
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