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Mido – Concept for a Bending Doll from Eco-Materials

A small bending doll is being manufactured by manual laborers and seamstresses in Neustadt, Coburg with affection and love to the detail just like 100 years ago. The high flexibility is their trademark. Despite their small size, the Bending Dolls are as soft as normal dolls. They are nearly the only naturalistic bending doll on the market. But the “CaCo-Doll” was stuck in time. It’s group of buyers is slowly shrinking just as the usual sales platform. Njustudio developed a novel bending doll for the family business – a concept that was planned all the way to the prototype.

A balancing act: Linking the traditional goods with contemporary material and design approaches, and eventually open new markets for the Company Canzler Coburg! This is going well beyond the actual design work – MIDO is the name of the CaCo sub-brand that we generated. It stands for a contemporary, naturalistic bending doll – completely from ecological harmless materials. The production through craftsmanship suits the existing company structure.

The MIDO doll is a small companion, a pocket doll, that copes with every movement, just like the CaCo dolls. Everything about her is as “basic” as possible, so there is a lot of leeway – for children and for the development through the company. The cardboard package for the doll simultaneously is a play house to go. A corresponding world is printed on it.

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Film: Mathias Freytag

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