Friendly Border – grey multicolor

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Foldable pop-up screen

Where Friendly Border unfolds, space will be defined and atmosphere will be changed!
The pop-up screen can simply be added or removed. This way you are creating an airy space
within space and you filter out everything that is disturbing your field of view.


Create space without changing anything
about the layout of your office!
A meetingroom can be transformed
into individual workspaces.


Matter of size

Friendly Border is available in two sizes – with a span of 90cm (M) and a span of 120cm (L)!

Pop-up privacy!

Your office can be easily adapted to the needs of people working there.
– Done with work? flap flap flap – The friendliest privacy screen of all time can be stored away small in just no time!


This is so poetic (someone once said)

The high-quality Trevira CS® pleated fabric is subtly translucent. What makes it appear light and friendly. It sets boundaries without excluding. Our Friendly Border shade is available in light warm gray or a fresh mint tone.

Which Friendly Border do you like best?

A finely stained beech wood frame completes the friendly border. Tone-on-tone mint? Or warm grey? – A single bright orange bar makes the Friendly Border an accentuating office accessory! The multicolor variant can also be combined on request,


birch wood clear coated

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