Hockenheimer M


For collecting and stacking of magazines.

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Collect, stack and take a seat!

Daily, monthly, and even quarterly magazines flutter into houses and no longer wish to be stored in dusty bookshelves or thrown into green garbage bins. Instead, do it the nju way: collect, stack, and take a seat! The Hockenheimer makes this possible: a clever storage system for magazines and newspapers makes it a truly sustainable and unique piece of furniture… with a subscription advantage!

The Hockenheimer is comprised of a wooden base made of birchwood, extra-long split leather straps with two riveted metallic clasps, and a pillow covered with high-quality upholstery fabric (Panama Pesco). The wooden frame is handcrafted by a carpenter in Coburg, Bavaria, and the Nju-pillow is lovingly handmade in Rödental (in the close vicinity of Coburg).


2.5 kg

Size of base

250 × 70 × 305 mm


1x coated birchwood base, 2x leather straps with closure, 1x nju cushion

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