Stromer – nature


Power-pet with birch wood frame.

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We need power – everywhere!

-Bing!*– Your device’s battery is low! Now that the battery is almost completely drained, the dreaded familiar discomfort begins. The moment in which you have to crouch under the table to reach the electrical outlet is none other than uncomfortable. This is where the Stromer comes to the rescue. It easily distributes accessibility to power outlets throughout a room and brings power to anywhere you need it. It is a helpful, small pal in your office as well as anywhere in your living room.

Howdy, partner! The Stromer is saddled by three child-proof electrical outlets which are mounted on an elegant birch frame. The textile cable measures about 3 meters long, and can be stored like a lasso around the Stromer’s neck. Our Stromer is produced entirely in Franconia (Bavaria, Germany) and is available in many different colors. An additional saddlebag for your Stromer is also available.


2.4 kg

Multiple socket

black, white

Textile cable

black with white dots, red


340 × 165 × 640mm

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